``Teaching truly found me and is now at the core of everything I do.``

After beginning a Master’s in education, I quickly realised that education was my calling. I’m part teacher, learner, collaborator, and researcher.

Knowledge inspires and excites me. Being mentally and physically strong centres me. Living life is beautiful, and Pilates is a value-add to my life that had a positive and transformative effect on me.

Pilates, alongside running, keeps me grounded. It allows me to focus, centre and calm myself at any given moment. Making Pilates a habit and being consistent is key to improving all other areas of my life. Perfection isn’t the aim but feeling and looking better inside and out is. I’d be lying if I said I did Pilates only for inner beauty. I think we all would be. Everyone deserves to look and feel the best versions of themselves. We’re all on a journey, and if you’re reading this, maybe your journey aligns with mine, and the P1 method will benefit you the same way it has me. If that is the case, I am truly grateful.

Welcome! Enjoy, ask questions, and don’t hold back. Let’s get it!