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Beginner to Advanced. Let's move.

P1 Pilates is a mind-body connection allowing you to lean into mental and physical endurance. It guides us to isolate body parts and muscles, creating a concentration that enables us to look inwards to find strength. Like with any exercise or workout routine, there is a language you will learn. Hearing the words, visualising the exercise, and performing the poses will have a transformative effect on your confidence during practice and in your day-to-day life.

P1 Pilates never stays stagnant, so your body will never get ‘used’ to it. Our various classes and programs keep it fresh, which is the key to keeping the body challenged and achieving desired results. Centred around the 34 original Joseph Pilates exercises, the P1 method has been maintained and modernised in line with our understanding of the body.

A low-impact form of movement that increases strength and improves flexibility, posture, and alignment. It’s a kick-ass form of keeping your whole body in check so we can move it for as long as possible. To move is to live. P1 Pilates will drive you to do life better.

"To move is to live. P1 pilates will drive you to do life better"